The Xbox One gaming console has received updates from Microsoft since its launch in 2013 that enable it to play select games from its two predecessor consoles, Xbox and Xbox 360.On June 15, 2015, backward compatibility with supported Xbox 360 games became available to eligible Xbox Preview program users with a beta update to the Xbox One system software. In the slums of Kowloon, the exchange goes down seemingly as planned. Experience the excitement of true next-gen action as you take on the role of Inspector Tequila from John Woo’s influential action film, Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun-Fat. Due to Midway's February 2006 partnership with in-game advertising agency Double Fusion, Stranglehold contains dynamic in-game advertising,[23][24] such as posters and billboards for real world products appearing during gameplay. There are no refunds for this item. When I first got my Xbox 360 on Christmas of 2009 (my fiance surprised me with it because I was still playing the original Xbox) one of the first games that I bought to try out was Stranglehold. [28], On December 6, 2007, Midway released a downloadable map pack for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game systems. Vlad makes his way to a helipad, where a chopper picks him up. Tequila Time is managed through a meter which drains with use and regenerates with time. September 6th, 2007. Honor is his code. Sep 05, 2007. [29] The Xbox 360 Collector's Edition includes the same extras and featurettes but on a separate disc without Hard Boiled. Tequila enters Wong's inner sanctum to find the old man and Dapang have taken Teko hostage. Tequila buys a ticket to the Zakarovs' museum, and enters to find Damon and Yung negotiating the exchange of Billie and Teko. Stranglehold Review. Download 4 exclusive gamer pics from Stranglehold. For more information, see - The Only Authentic John Woo Experience - The Most Destructible Environments Ever Created - Intense Cinematic Gun Battles - Three unique Tequila Bomb moves: Precision Aim, Barrage, and Spin Attack - Seven exciting levels taking you from Hong Kong to Chicago - Online Multiplayer Mode with all the Massive D, Interactions, & Tequila Bombs from the single player experience! Engage your enemies with intense cinematic gun battles and cause massive environmental damage in real-time or revolutionary slow-motion Tequila Time. For more information, see Tequila fights his way to the top floor, eventually coming face to face with Vlad and a gauntlet of trip mines. Wong reveals that the Golden Kane assassinated the officer and pinned it on his I9s. One officer, Jerry Ying, disqualifies himself from this role, claiming that an appearance as an officer will blow the cover he's used to infiltrate a triad group called Dragon Claw. Download this exclusive theme for Stranglehold. Following the phone call, Yung is approached by Damon Zakarov, who offers to show him his history museum. Buy Xbox content on As recalled by Eddy and Kaehler, the film director stepped in a couple of times to steer its direction: once to object to a potential story idea involving the export of body parts,[10] and once to suggest that enemy designs should have more Western clothing. Check out the explosive trailer that brought the house down at E3. John Woo Presents Stranglehold, developed by Tiger Hill and published by Midway, has a lot of expectation to live up to. It was fun, I also like that it was a sequel to Hard Boiled. Gain access to 10 new Achievements, with 250 additional Gamerscore, 10 new multiplayer maps and 21 new characters. Vengeance is his mission. [14], Throughout development, the team at Midway worked closely with Woo and Tiger Hill Entertainment. The Map Pack adds even more action and excitement to Stranglehold, the experience GameSpy called “a … Midway's Stranglehold is the spiritual successor to the John Woo directed action film, Hard Boiled. [8] This technique—called Tequila Time—generates a cinematic effect that mimics Woo's. More. Upon the Golden Kane representative's revelation that the man sitting at the bar is a cop, the I9 representative panics and shoots the Golden Kane representative. This way, he gets his daughter and his revenge, and Golden Kane can pick up the pieces of what Dragon Claw leaves behind. Another form of gameplay comes from the style and grace associated with Woo's balletic firefights. Play as Inspector Tequila in this single-player demo and engage in cinematic firefights, inspired by John Woo, blasting your way through a fully destructible Hong Kong marketplace. During play, jumping in any direction or interacting with any object while aiming at an opponent (or pressing a certain button) will slow time, creating a short window during which Tequila can shoot at targets. Following the release of 2004's Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Midway was looking to make a new game based on an existing brand license.

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