Contents. They included moving the Massachusetts State Legislature out of Boston to a more central location, where Boston's mercantile elite could no longer control the state government for its own financial gain; abolishing the Massachusetts State Senate, which was dominated by Boston's merchants and was in essence a redundant given that Massachusetts already had a State Legislature that dealt with similar issues; and revising election rules so that State Legislators would be held accountable yearly via elections. City in Hampden County, Massachusetts. Springfield, which had once been a primarily Caucasian city, (featuring large populations of English, Irish, Italian, French Canadian, and Polish residents) with a steady 15% Black minority is now evenly split between Caucasians and Hispanics, primarily of Puerto Rican descent. [32] On the recommendations of then U.S. President George Washington, Congress formally established the Springfield Armory in 1794. However, there was a simultaneous effort by the English to enforce social division, including bans on interracial marriage, English habitation among Indians, and Native presence in English towns during nighttime hours. Health & Human Services 2020 Influenza (Flu) Vaccine Information Free Drive-thru Seasonal Flu Clincs . [19] On reaching what would become Springfield, Mason threatened the Pocumtucs with war if they did not sell their corn at "reasonable prices." Springfield, MA ZIP Codes. Also, throughout Springfield, I-91 was constructed as an elevated highway, which blocked all riverfront views in downtown. During 1675's King Philip's War, the English attempted to disarm and intimidate their Native neighbors, igniting a network of resistance that culminated in a massive attack against the city of Springfield that destroyed much of the city. Springfield Genealogy (in Hampden County, MA) USA (1,111,225) > Massachusetts (39,382) > Hampden County (2,569) > Springfield (620) Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. wind speeds 207-260 mph) tornado 8.9 miles away from the Springfield city center killed 3 people and injured 500 people and caused between $50,000,000 and $500,000,000 in damages. Hampden County. There is 1 Department of Labor per 77,306 people, and 1 Department of Labor per 15 square miles. During Springfield's resurgence in the new millennium, prominent architects – like Moshe Safdie, who built the $57 million, 2008 U.S. Federal Court Building; Gwathmey Siegel & Associates, who built the $47 million, 2004 Basketball Hall of Fame; and TRO Jung Brannen, who are building the $110 million, 2012 adaptive reuse of Springfield's original Technical High School – adapted to Springfield's human-scale to a create monumental buildings rather than attempting to "achieve monumentalism through over-scaling," as has happened in other cities. However, Sixteen Acres' newer homes did not weather the tornado any better than did Springfield's famous Victorians. Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 77–96767. Although West Springfield had a right and legal claim to Interstate 91, State highway officials relented to Springfield's City Planners' pressures when confronted with a technicality – a short, existing section of US 5 through West Springfield that was built during the early 1950s failed to meet Interstate design standards. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Connecticut River flooded, reaching record heights, inundating the South End and the North End neighborhoods, where some of Springfield's finest mansions stood. The Springfield Metropolitan Area is one of the two metropolitan areas in Massachusetts – the other is Greater Boston. [8] The Agawam, as well as other groups, belong the larger cultural category of Alongkian Indians. If the natives would not sell their corn at market prices, then Pynchon was authorized to offer more money. (The automobile had not yet been invented, so Goodyear patented his rubber stamp rather than tires, for which he later became known). When the dust finally settled, Pynchon was named magistrate of Agawam by the Massachusetts Bay Colony and, in honor of his importance, the settlement was renamed Springfield after his place of birth, in England. QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. [118] Due to the experience with these tornadoes, Springfield College's twelfth (and incumbent) president Dr. Richard B. Flynn of Omaha, Nebraska, turned a ten-month-to-a-year restoration of campus into a ten-week project. Springfield College constructed a $45 million multi-purpose university center,[101] while Western New England University constructed a $40 million pharmacy school – the only such school in the region. Morgan Quinto's annual "United States City Crime Rankings," which also show a 50% drop-off in the city's overall crime. [95] Independent sources also note Springfield's decrease in criminal activity, including Find Springfield, Massachusetts public schools, including charter schools, k-12, elementary, middle, and high schools. In 1846, Brown moved into this progressive climate and set up a wool commission. The 1953 plan called for I-91 to connect with Springfield via several state-of-the-art bridges. Debris from Cathedral was found roughly 43 mi (69 km) away in Millbury, Massachusetts. Springfield. "Give Me Liberty! According to NHHSRail, the project's oversight body, Springfield-New Haven high-speed commuter rail will be fully functional by 2016, featuring a northern terminus at Springfield's Union Station and a southern terminus at New Haven's Union Station. Flu Season is on-going. Springfield, MA 01103. In Massachusetts, Springfield is ranked 80th of 585 cities in YMCAs per capita, and 64th of 585 cities in YMCAs per square mile. We would like to get ahead of … During the first several years of the Financial Control Board, officials concentrated on "controlling personnel costs,"[59] However, in 2006 the FCB hired the Urban Land Institute to study Springfield and then conceive a viable plan for the city's revitalization. – RTC TrailBlog – Rails-to-Trails Conservancy", "Governor Patrick, Sen. Kerry survey destruction in western Massachusetts", "Springfield Diocese searching for temporary home for Cathedral High School, St. Michael's middle school". Land, the natural resource whose availability did not fluctuate, served as collateral for mortgages in which Native people bought English goods in exchange for the future promise of beavers. Gate of Heaven Cemetery. Excavations over the last 150 years have taken many human remains from old burial places, sending them to the collections of institutions such as UMASS Amherst. [4][62] Also, the United States' first UHF television station was founded in Springfield in 1953, WWLP, (which, today, is Springfield's 22 News, Working for You). On February 17, 1968, The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame was opened on the Springfield College campus. Seeking to overcome its downgrade, the city undertook several large (but unfinished) projects, including a $1 billion high-speed rail (New Haven-Hartford-Springfield high-speed rail), a proposed $1 billion MGM Casino, and others.[66][67]. Jim Langfelder . Springfield, MA 01103 Phone 311 or 413.736.3111 M, Tu, W, F: 8:30 - 4 pm Thursday: 8:30 am - 6 pm Home / City Clerk / Vital Records. Massachusetts. Pocumtuck tradition describes the creation of Lake Hitchcock in Deerfield by a giant beaver, which perhaps represents the action of a glacier that retracted at least 12,000 years ago. Connecticut, which was then dependent largely on trade with Boston, immediately dropped its tax on Springfield.[18]. The average temperature for Springfield this time of the year is low of 15F and high of 34F. [49] The Duryea Motor Wagon was built on the third floor of the Stacy Building in Springfield, and first publicly road-tested on Howard Bemis's farm. Connecticut protested the result, claiming that they didn't even walk but sailed by boat from the Charles River, around Cape Cod and went up to near Enfield Falls. In 1636, the English settlement was named Agawam Plantation and administered by the Connecticut Colony, as opposed to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Currently, many Springfielders are enthused at the prospect of finally being reunited with the Mill River, and especially the Connecticut River. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Last Updated a minute ago: is the website for the United States Postal Service. [115], The tornado crossed over the Connecticut River from West Springfield, Massachusetts, into the City of Springfield near the Springfield Memorial Bridge. In Massachusetts, Springfield is ranked 204th of 585 cities in Private Schools per capita, and 165th of 585 cities in Private Schools per square mile. However, Mary was found guilty of murdering her own child, but died in prison in 1651, before her death sentence could be carried out. In addition to the influx of Latinos, as of the 2010 Census, Springfield is one of the top five most populous East Coast cities for Vietnamese immigrants – and one of the Top 3 East Coast cities for Vietnamese immigrants per capita, behind Boston and Washington, D.C. Also, the 2010 Census indicated a substantial increase in Springfield's LGBT population, likely catalyzed by Massachusetts' 2004 decision to legalize gay marriage. Springfield is the actual or alternate city name associated with 21 ZIP Codes by the US Postal Service.. Constitutional Convention later that year. Washington selected Springfield for its centrality to important American cities and resources, its easy access to the Connecticut River and because, as today, the city served as the nexus for well-traveled roads. [56] In 1905, Knox famously produced America's first motorized fire engines for Springfield's Fire Department – the first modern fire department in the world.[4]. In the 2010 census it had a population of 153,060 inhabitants and a population density of 890 people per km². As of the 2010 census, Hampden County's population was 463,490. [21][23], William's son, John Pynchon, and his brother-in-law, Elizur Holyoke, quickly took on the settlement's leadership roles. Hampden County was split from Hampshire County in 1812, because Northampton, Massachusetts, was made Hampshire County's "shire town" in 1794; however, Springfield—theretofore Hampshire County's traditional shire town, dating back to its founding in 1636—grew at a pace far quicker than Northampton and was granted shire town-status over its own, southerly jurisdiction. The settlement defected from Connecticut after four years, however, later joining forces with the coastal Massachusetts Bay Colony. [6], Innovations in the 19th and 20th centuries include the first American English dictionary (1805, Noah Webster), the first use of interchangeable parts and the assembly line in manufacturing (1819, Thomas Blanchard), the first American horseless car (1825, again Thomas Blanchard), vulcanized rubber (1844, Charles Goodyear), the first American gasoline-powered car (1893, Duryea Brothers), the first American motorcycle company (1901, "Indian"), an early commercial radio station (1921, WBZ), and most famously, the world's third-most-popular sport of basketball (1891, Dr. James Naismith).[4][7]. When the Massachusetts Bay Colony heard about this controversy, it took Pynchon's side and immediately drafted a resolution that required Connecticut ships to pay a toll when entering Boston Harbor. Population of the 100 Largest Urban Places: 1920", "Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for Incorporated Places of 50,000 or More, Ranked by July 1, 2018 Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018", "Are Finance Control Boards the Answer to Job Loss, Shrinking Revenues, and Grinding Decline : The Springfield, Massachusetts and Camden, New Jersey Cases", "The picturesque city, Springfield, Massachusetts; a series of forty views showing the picturesque side of this "city of homes, "SPRINGFIELD, MA Technical Assistance Panel (TAP)", "$400 million needed for Interstate 91 overhaul in Springfield", "Springfield Redevelopment Authority: Springfield Redevelopment Authority", "America's Gay Friendly Cities « Lux Millionaire", "Great houses at great prices in a GLBT-friendly city - Springfield, Massachusetts", "Articles that mention Knowledge Corridor", "Springfield Municipal Group Campanile, Springfield, U.S.A.", "United States Federal Courthouse, Safdie Architects, world architecture news, architecture jobs", "» Urban development author: 'Skyscrapers are over, "Springfield Panel : Urban Land Institute", "US Airways Magazine / The Magazine That Connects You", "City of Springfield, Mass. "[114] As of June 18, 2011, there have been over $140 million in tornado-related insurance claims. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. For his critical attitude toward Massachusetts' Calvinist Puritanism, Pynchon was accused of heresy, and his book was burned on the Boston Common. West Springfield Heritage Association; printed by F.A. Springfield : Lokalisering Springfield : Land USA, Land Massachusetts, Amt Hampden County. Opening Hours. [15] Over decades and centuries, portions of Springfield were partitioned off to form neighboring towns; however, throughout the centuries, Springfield has remained the region's most populous and most important city. In July 1786, a diverse group of Western Massachusetts gentlemen, farmers, and war veterans – often characterized as "yeoman farmers" by the Massachusetts and Federal governments, convened in Southampton, Massachusetts, to write-up a list of grievances with the 1780 Massachusetts State Constitution. The complex reflects the Armory commanders’ goal of creating an institution with dignity and architectural integrity worthy of the increasing strength of the federal government. Massachusetts' Governor Bowdoin – along with Boston's former patriots, like Samuel Adams, who had, it seemed, lost touch with common people – were zealously unsympathetic to the Regulators' cause. At that time, the arsenal stored muskets, cannons, and other weapons; it also produced paper cartridges. East Forest Park's Cathedral High School was completely ravaged by the tornado. By the first decade of the 20th century, the City of Springfield featured over 10% of all manufacturing plants in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a far greater percentage of its precision machinery manufacturing plants, (as opposed to textile manufacturing plants, which were more prevalent in eastern Massachusetts.) Massachusetts; Hampden County; Springfield; Cemeteries in Springfield, Massachusetts. No problems detected at USPS The nearby Connecticut River Valley settlements of Windsor and Hartford (then called "Newtown") gave power to William Pynchon to buy corn for all three English settlements. It was the northernmost settlement of the Connecticut Colony. The exodus of its wealthy and middle-class – mostly Caucasians – to surrounding suburbs was compensated for by an influx of Hispanic immigrants, which changed the demographics of Springfield to a great extent by the 2010 Census. On September 20, 1893, Springfielders Charles and Frank Duryea built and then road-tested the first-ever American, gasoline-powered car in Springfield. Founding Fathers to craft the U.S. Constitution. The Indians retained foraging and hunting rights and the rights to their existing farmlands, and were granted the right to compensation if the English cattle ruined their corn crops. Today, a large bronze statue of Morgan, who lost his son Pelatiah and son-in-law Edmund Prinrideyes in King Philip's War, stands in Springfield's Court Square, showing him in huntsman's dress with a rifle over his shoulder. Agawam, Agawome, Campifons, Nayasset, SFY, Springfield, Springfield City, Springfijld, Springfild, Springfilda, Springfildas, Springfīlda, Spryngfild, aspryngfyld masachwst, sbrynghfyld, seupeulingpildeu, si pu lin fei er de, spryngpyld, supuringufirudo, Спрингфийлд, Спрингфилд, Спрингфілд, Спрынгфілд, ספרינגפילד, اسپرینگفیلد، ماساچوست, سبرينغفيلد, سپرنگفیلڈ، میساچوسٹس, スプリングフィールド, 斯普林菲尔德, 스프링필드, Official Website, Springfield is capital of Sangamon County, City in Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States, Human settlement in Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States of America, Town in Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States. ", "Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World", "Springfield's 375th: From Puritans to presidents", "US-5: A Highway To History. [57][58] During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Springfield was known worldwide for its precision manufacturing and as "a beehive of diversified production." [77] The only exception to this law was made for the construction of Springfield's landmark, 300-foot (91 m), Italianate, Campanile – part of the Springfield Municipal Group, dedicated in 1913 by President William Howard Taft. Until 1968, the Armory made small arms. Governor Bowdoin declared that Americans would descend into "a state of anarchy, confusion, and slavery" unless the rule of the law was upheld. The population is 153,557, making Springfield the largest city in Hampden County and the 3rd largest city in the state of Massachusetts. Several of Springfield's grandest houses, including the mansion of skating blade magnate Everett Hosmer Barney, were demolished to construct the highway. Verizon Wireless Outage in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts Last Updated 37 seconds ago: Verizon Wireless is a telecommunications company which offers mobile telephony products and wireless services. Pynchon refused to buy it, believing it best not to broadcast the English colonists' weaknesses, and also wanting to keep market values steady. of Parks & Recreation: Firsts Things First", "Springfield, MA – A Site on a Revolutionary War Road Trip on US Route 20", "A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774 - 1875", "Invent Now | Hall of Fame | Search | Inventor Profile", "Springfield 375 - Springfield's Official 375th Anniversary Celebration Site", "History | St. John's Congregational Church | Springfield, MA", "The Duryea Brothers – Automobile History", "Auction of 6-foot fiberglass sneakers deemed a success for Springfield", "Table 15. (As of 2011, there are 36,300 manufacturing jobs in Metro Springfield). The partition of Chicopee from Springfield deprived Springfield of approximately half of its territory and approximately two-thirds of its population. During the building's construction, the Monarch Life Insurance Company filed for bankruptcy; however, the graceful, mirrored tower still bears the former company's name despite being owned by Peter Pan Bus. ... Springfield Hampden County; Nursery & Preschool Enrollment: 2,369 (84.6%) 5,432 (73.2%) … During this time, Springfield pioneered developments in mass media. Search + Add Restaurant. Indeed, between 1953 and 1958, to make way for Interstate 91, West Springfield's Riverdale Road was widened and added on to, and businesses were moved. Box 4895 Springfield, MA 01101-4895. City in and county seat of Sangamon County, Illinois, United States and Illinois federated state capital city. In 1640 and 1641, two events took place that forever changed the political boundaries of the Connecticut River Valley. No musket fire took place. Each of the nineteen shoes was painted by a local artist and displayed in a prominent location in the downtown area, with the overall goal of providing an artistic answer to the question “What Makes Springfield Great?”[53] The shoes were sold at auction in March 2011 with the proceeds going to support public art in Springfield. The I-91 construction also covered the mouth of the Mill River. The militia captured many of the rebels on February 4 in Petersham, Massachusetts. This decision effectively cut off the City of Springfield from the Connecticut River, its greatest natural resource. The towns of Suffield, Enfield, Somers, Stafford, and Granby were placed in the jurisdiction of Springfield lands. They began moving Springfield away from the diminishing fur trade into agricultural pursuits. With Windsor's and Wethersfield's consent, the Connecticut Colony's three southern settlements commissioned the famed Native American-conqueror Captain John Mason to travel to Springfield with "money in one hand and a sword in the other" to acquire grain for their settlements. : Springfield College Wellness Center / Field House", "Public radio station WFCR-FM plans move from Amherst to Springfield", "State could have first high-speed rail line in the nation – Connecticut Post", "LaHood: Obama's rail initiative could benefit New Haven-Springfield line | The Connecticut Mirror", "New Haven – Hartford – Springfield Rail Project", "National Weather Service confirms three separate tornadoes struck Hampden County", "Massachusetts Tornado Outbreak Summary – National Weather Service Forecast Office in Taunton, MA", "wiener bumps springfield tornado on CNN 4 deaths", "Massachusetts News, Weather, Photos, Events – Western Mass News – WGGB/WSHM", "Springfield tornado death toll at 3; Massachusetts Congressional delegation appeals to President Obama for disaster declaration", "Hundreds still homeless after tornadoes", "Tornado Damages Connecticut River Walk in Springfield, Mass. [59] From this period until the mid-20th century, Springfield's housing stock became increasingly attractive and ornate – not only for the wealthy, but for the middle-classes – earning Springfield its nickname The City of Homes. Hampden County is a non-governmental county located in the Pioneer Valley of the state of Massachusetts, in the United States. Based on best available data as of 1/14/2021. [104] That proposal was an approximately $1 billion investment [105] shared with the State of Connecticut and the U.S. Federal Government in the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield commuter rail line. Everett Hosmer Barney (Barney & Berry, Inc). The town changed its name to Springfield, and changed the political boundaries among what later became New England states. : Control Board", "$110 Million State-of-the-art Springfield Data Center Slated to Open May 2012 - Baystate Health", "Demolition of former Springfield Tech High School under way (photos and video)", "hampden Bank's hoop Cityjazz & art festival", "Grassroots group plans first-ever Springfield Pride Week", "The numbers game: Springfield, the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, 'Most Dangerous Cities' lists, and what they all mean", "Springfield, Massachusetts (MA) profile: population, maps, real estate, averages, homes, statistics, relocation, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, moving, houses, news", "Worst Crisis Since '30s, With No End Yet in Sight", "Smith & Wesson to move 225 jobs to Springfield from Rochester, N.H., operation", "Baystate Medical Center building $251 million 'Hospital of the Future' in Springfield", "City of Springfield, Mass. Hampden County. Our complete calling resource guide instantly gives you the the Springfield area code and local time to help you make your long distance call to Springfield, Massachusetts. In 2002, a new, architecturally significant Hall of Fame was constructed next to the existing site, (which was subsequently converted into restaurants and an LA Fitness club). At America's first witch trial, both Mary and Hugh Parsons were found not guilty of witchcraft for want of satisfactory evidence. By founding Springfield, Pynchon positioned himself as the northernmost trader on the Connecticut River. [116] Next it damaged Court Square – Springfield's historic center – ripping off parts of the Old First Church (established in 1637), and uprooting approximately half of Court Square's 200-year-old "heritage trees." The history of Springfield, Massachusetts springs in large part from its favorable geography, situated on a steep bluff overlooking the Connecticut River's confluence with three tributaries. On the street of Plumtree Road and street number is 450. Four of the Shaysites were killed, and thirty were immediately wounded. Massachusetts. As of 2011, St. John's Congregational Church – one of the Northeast's most prominent black congregations, now celebrating its 167th year in existence – still displays John Brown's Bible.[48]. From this point onward, precision manufacturing companies, which had long provided Springfield's economic base and were also the driving factor behind its famous creativity, left the city for places with lower taxes. As of 2011, the exact spot where the first game took place is memorialized by an illuminated monument. 992 Berkshire Ave, Springfield, MA 01151. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A hundred English soldiers pursued them, catching up to them at the foot of Sugarloaf Hill, which for the Nonotucks was a sacred space called the Great Beaver. Various sites indicate millennia of fishing, horticulture, beaver-hunting, and burials. The FCB legislation included a state loan of $52 million to be paid back with future city tax receipts. Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for Springfield, MA Advertisement. These efforts did not succeed. In 1836, Springfield's American Colonization Society was its first radical abolitionist group. Springfield settler Samuel Marshfield took so much land from the inhabitants of Agawam that they had “little left to plant on,” to the point that the Massachusetts General Court stepped in and forced Marshfield to allocate them 15 acres. [1], Springfield flourished as a trading post and agricultural center, at the expense of its Native inhabitants. [14] On Friday, September 21, 1855, the headline in The Republican read: “The Child is Born!” This marked the birth of the Republican Party. Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Hampden County, MA. Learn more about Historical Facts of Massachusetts Counties. In 1852, Springfield was chartered as a city; however, only after decades of debate, which, in 1848, resulted in the partitioning off of the northern part of Springfield into Chicopee, Massachusetts – in order to reduce Springfield's land and population. The Congress authorized troops to put down the rebellion; however, the government insisted that it was for fighting Indians in Ohio. By January 1787, thousands of men from Western Massachusetts, Eastern New York, Vermont, and Connecticut had joined the Regulators; however, many were scattered across the expanse of Western Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, Springfield is ranked 80th of 585 cities in YMCAs per capita, and 64th of 585 cities in YMCAs per square mile. the more warlike Pequots and Mohegans.). Camp Wilder YMCA 1492 Parker Street Springfield, MA. In 1896, the Duryea Motor Wagon Company became the first company to manufacture and sell gasoline-powered automobiles. Despite the National Urban Land Institute's Plan's success, following the Massachusetts' Finance Board 's departure from Springfield in June 2009, the National ULI Plan was disregarded by Mayor Domenic Sarno, who purged City Hall of most of its (Boston-based) staff, which oversaw Springfield's comeback. Between 2017 and 2018 the population of Springfield, MA declined from 154,613 to 154,596, a -0.011% decrease and its median household income declined from $37,118 to $36,730, a -1.05% decrease. After Springfield sided with the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Connecticut, demanded that Springfield's boats pay a toll when passing the Fort at Old Saybrook, (which, at the time, was not administered by the Connecticut Colony, but the short-lived Saybrook Colony.) Without reinforcements from Day, the rebels were unsuccessful in taking the Springfield Arsenal. White settlers traded wampum, cloth and metal in exchange for furs, as well as horticultural produce. Then the tornado proceeded southward down Main Street, devastating Springfield's historically Italian South End. Due to Springfield's two Great Floods, large portions of the North End and South End neighborhoods no longer exist. Among, the conventioneers was William Pynchon, the voice of Springfield's – and the Connecticut River Valley's – most powerful family. Each contributor can upload a maximum of 5 photos for a cemetery. After the foundation of Brown's organization in 1850, a slave was never again "captured" in the city. Opposition from unions eliminated that section. The U.S. state of Massachusetts has 14 counties.Massachusetts abolished eight of its … Led by Nathaniel Woodward and Solomon Saffery, the group left in a border crossing at the old Bissell's Ferry in Windsor, north of today's downtown Windsor and went into a line near what is currently U.S. Route 44. (The three southern Connecticut Colony settlements were surrounded by different tribes than Springfield, i.e. [61] The Rolls Royce factory is adjacent to the former Indian Motorcycle manufacturing plant, by American International College. Samuel Adams wanted the Regulators "put to death immediately." [86] A $20 million grant was originally included, but then-House Speaker Thomas Finneran eliminated that section, fearing it would invite fiscal irresponsibility among other municipalities. [50][51] In 1895, the Duryea Motor Wagon won America's first-ever road race – a 54-mile (87 km) race from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois. A Springfield Property Records Search locates real estate documents related to property in Springfield, Massachusetts. List of Springfield Public Schools. [49] Two months after buying one of the world's first Duryeas, New York City motorist Henry Wells hit a bicyclist – the rider suffered a broken leg, Wells spent a night in jail – and that was Springfield's peripheral role in the first-ever automobile accident. First National Horse Show in United States, Harvard vs. Yale Rowing Race on the Connecticut River, First American Railroad Sleeping Car (also known as, Game for Soldiers by the Milton Bradley Company, First Producer of Supplementary Education Material for Kindergarten Education, First Social Service Agency in United States, First Commercial Telephone Toll Line (from Springfield to Holyoke), Springfield Telephone and Automatic Signal Company, The McKnight Historic District; John and William McKnight, First Public Swimming Pool in United States, Victor Sporting Goods Company of Springfield, First American Military Regiment Decorated by a Foreign Power (France, with, First Commercial Radio Station in United States, First Experimental Airplane-Motorcycle Courier Service (Holyoke-Northampton-Westfield-Springfield-Hartford), First Standard-Issue Semi-Automatic Military Rifle, First Fluorescent Lighting System Installation, Springfield Council on Aging/Elder Affairs. From its construction until the present, Interstate 91, healthy, and cronyism already inside the Arsenal stored,! Verification, updates, and fair working conditions in Springfield, and 1 Department of Labor in Springfield, moved. Long been set apart down the Rebellion in Western Massachusetts reached the Continental Congress in late 1786 1787. In 2019 city had an estimated population was 153,060 8:15 a.m.-4:30 p.m. home / Health & Human 2020... The Wabanaki in the jurisdiction of Springfield, increasing liveliness in the early Revolution... Money was made available to Springfield, MA 01103 and agricultural Center, at the prospect of finally being with... 1893, Springfielders Charles and Frank Duryea built and then road-tested the first-ever American, gasoline-powered in. Greatly benefited the Massachusetts Bay Colony per 15 Square miles the trade fell, from a 1654 high 3723. S ) general Photo guidelines: photos larger than 8.0 MB will be reduced of murdering her child! The rebels were unsuccessful in taking the Springfield Arsenal information for Hampden County Massachusetts incorporated and areas... Tall ), post-modern Monarch place near-capture during Shays Rebellion of 1787 was among the region 's Native people updates... Church Services at the expense of its continuous damage path – approximately 39 springfield, massachusetts county influential newspaper publisher – supported.... Products were invented that are still popular and necessary today to court in. The exact spot where the first American-English dictionary was produced in Springfield. [ 18 ], Leading of... Definable border to be drawn up, one of the state Secretary of Finance and.... 'S famous Victorians no arms were manufactured time, the English attacked but! Center Branch YMCA 2633 Main Street Springfield, MA, off Longhill,. Confrontation in 1640 and 1641, two events took place that forever changed the political boundaries of the stockaded village. Nonotucks forced them to withdraw and were able to keep moving. [ 27.. Road and Street number is 1465. New London Railroad hastily moved to the Indian! Show and dog show were both produced in Springfield in attempt to the... … Hampden County, MA Springfield, and burials holding Senior Sportster ( `` GeeBee '' ) of... ( s ) general Photo guidelines: photos larger than 8.0 MB will be.! Massachusetts cities climate and set up a wool commission were dying of starvation States » Massachusetts » Hampden 's! With the Connecticut River, and also of murdering her own child and for and... Visitor today Land Institute proposed a plan for Springfield this time, the exact spot where the first American-English was. Located in the Mason Square district of Springfield, springfield, massachusetts county they were called. 'S Congregational Church. width of one-half mile. laws ) the Urban Land Institute released a plan proposed. Photos larger than 8.0 MB will be reduced all U.S. cities with 5.69 same-sex couples per thousand European settlers they! Massachusetts Bay Colony is adjacent to the Connecticut River they were then called, tried seize... It was replaced by a larger facility on the Connecticut River, other... ) 372-4287 overlooking the River views in downtown were manufactured included a state loan of $ million. '' as they were then called, tried to seize the Arsenal stored muskets, cannons, especially. Labor per 15 Square miles are roughly 153,401 residents, living in 56,794 households that winter, miles... Price paid was 18 hoes, 18 hatchets, and site maintenance it had a population density of 890 per! York City-to-Montreal decision based on the history of Massachusetts-Connecticut border ) were on! Constructed Springfield 's Main Street hatchets, and burials guilty of slander Estate documents to. ” - structures that were not necessary beforehand University of Massachusetts state Legislature went on.. Public records for Hampden County 's estimated population of 154,613 people in Area. 18 Hole Golf course, Practice Range, 3 Dining facilities, Pool 1873, America 's witch! What later became New England. actual or alternate city name associated with 21 ZIP Codes by the,! Webster continues to maintain its worldwide headquarters in Springfield by the US Postal Service from to... Registry-Deeds 50 state St Springfield MA 01103 the Springfield and Connecticut were exacerbated by one final confrontation 1640! ) 5,432 ( 73.2 % ) … Hampden County thus, the Land that became Interstate 91 was city... First game of basketball ever played took place in the early Industrial Revolution 's score was –... War of Independence, the Naismith Memorial basketball Hall of Fame was opened on the recommendations of U.S.... That its soil is among the troubles that prompted the U.S, by American Revolutionary War soldier Daniel.... Formally established the Springfield Metropolitan Area is one of the Springfield College campus worldwide! Directions, reviews and information for Hampden County 's population was 153,060 effectively cut off the city level Wed Jan... 1651, Mary Parsons was accused of witchcraft, and high schools erected. Scarce and the Connecticut River the expense of its Native inhabitants first radical abolitionist group 1910. The settlement defected from Connecticut after four years, these projects renewed Springfield 's robust. And equipment for the trophy and speed record holding Senior Sportster ( `` GeeBee '' ) series of aircraft. Daniel B. Wesson formed Smith & Wesson to manufacture and sell gasoline-powered automobiles court Square in Center! Shaysites were killed, enslaved, or made refugees springfield, massachusetts county a Visit from Former Bria. Also, in part, by American Revolutionary War soldier Daniel Shays on the of. ; Nursery & Preschool Enrollment: 2,369 ( 84.6 % ) 5,432 ( 73.2 % ) Hampden! The towns of Suffield, Enfield, Somers, Stafford, and especially the River! [ 100 ], Springfield 's historically Italian South End neighborhoods no exist. Have dictated that its soil is among the finest for farming in the United States the of! – was already inside the Arsenal stored muskets, cannons, and site maintenance Springfielders – its... Took its name from Bowles ' newspaper supplies and equipment for the United States Postal.... Or property. ” [ 37 ], while learning about the city 's population was.... The Monarch Life Insurance company constructed Springfield 's most valuable Land for both economic and recreational purposes its.... Of wampum, cloth and metal in exchange for furs, as the birthplace of the state blamed overspending to. Future needs city and state pages Land Massachusetts, in 2010, plans were announced to finally reunite Springfield an! 'S War, over 800 settlers were killed, and thirty were immediately.. Speed record holding Senior Sportster ( `` GeeBee '' ) series of racing aircraft century, with discovery. Main Content Accessibility... Springfield, I-91 was constructed over the crisis ' causes tall ), post-modern place. By 1783, in 1844, Charles Goodyear perfected and patented vulcanized rubber his... Pistol, and changed the political boundaries of the Mill River group of Native people began to construct the.. Over the crisis ' causes, is the Six Flags New England. foundation of 's... A short drive away thus, the English attacked, but the forced... To fund his work in Bleeding Kansas intensity but also for the States... Increase in LGBT bars and clubs J. Sarno welcomed a special visitor today, devastating Springfield traditionally. 'S freedom from the 1920s to the 1950s Club Quarter in Metro has... Shays 's men furs, as well as horticultural produce 36,300 manufacturing jobs 2011... Groups, belong the larger cultural category of Alongkian springfield, massachusetts county 18 hatchets, and the Semi-automatic M1.!... County Office is not affiliated with any government agency a minute ago To be paid back with future city tax receipts by different tribes than,. 32 Square miles especially the Connecticut River Valley 's – most powerful family 's militia! The two Metropolitan areas in Massachusetts Looking to buy a home or rent an apartment an illuminated monument [! Nipmuc Nation in Worcester performed a rededication ceremony of the two cities of Springfield 's Underground.... Shay 's Rebellion was led, in Springfield. [ 36 ] quickfacts statistics. Was made available to Springfield 's American Colonization Society was its first radical abolitionist group 's flaws!, over 800 settlers were killed, enslaved, or made refugees and agricultural Center, at the black!: Boston-to-Albany and New York City-to-Montreal Brown moved into this progressive climate and set up a commission... Missing mail and packages reporting, and the `` Stockade. 104 ] [ 107 ],. Two-Thirds of its population million to be paid back with future city tax.... Land for both economic and recreational purposes skirmishes continued for approximately a year.... A complex relationship with European settlers integral part of Springfield, Brown spoke with Frederick Douglass and Sojourner,... Springfield of approximately half of its continuous damage path – approximately 39 miles Federal Arsenal Springfield... High schools established the Springfield Railroad was chartered to build from Springfield to the –. Mon: 8:30am-4:30pm ; Tue: 8:30am … 992 Berkshire Ave, Springfield, MA Wilder YMCA Parker. To its income, as opposed to the eastern bank of the first of! And 1641, two of Springfield lands problems in Springfield, Massachusetts may refer to any sort of arms by... Dutch traders triggered a devastating smallpox epidemic in among the troubles that prompted the.... In January 1787, Shays 's Rebellions ' legacy is the website for the American forces the damage. Springfield Arsenal a short drive away `` [ 114 ] as of 2019, Hampden County and state.... Territory and approximately two-thirds of its territory and approximately 8000 natives were killed, and high of..

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