Merrick was admitted for bronchitis, washed, fed and put to bed in a small isolation room in the hospital's attic. [88] He befriended a young farm labourer who later recalled Merrick as an interesting and well-educated man. In 1979, The Elephant Man, a Tony Award–winning play by American playwright Bernard Pomerance, was staged. A surgeon recorded the official cause of death as asphyxiation, believing the sheer weight of his head had finally crushed his windpipe. Joseph Carey Merrick was a young Victorian Englishman who became best known as "The Elephant Man" after a brief career in circus sideshows. Or grasp the ocean with a span, Merrick remained a horrifying spectacle for his viewers and Roper grew nervous about the negative attention the Elephant Man drew from local authorities. Vigor-Mungovin says many people, including herself, have petitioned Queen Mary University of London to give up ownership of his bones and bury them in a Christian ceremony. The case received only a brief mention in the British Medical Journal, and the Lancet declined to mention it at all. [90], Merrick's death was ruled accidental and the certified cause of death was asphyxia, caused by the weight of his head as he lay down. Joseph Merrick spent his life believing that an elephant caused his condition. His father was Joseph Rockley Merrick. After being robbed in continental Europe while traveling with a freak show, he returned to Britain and was admitted to London Hospital. Cemetery name. Joseph Merrick died on April 11, 1890 aged 27 and although his official cause of death was asphyxia, Dr Treves - who performed the autopsy - said Merrick died of a … [69], Treves observed that Merrick was very sensitive and showed his emotions easily. On 3 August 1884, Merrick departed the workhouse to start his new career. [36], When Tom Norman first saw Merrick, he was dismayed by the extent of his deformities, fearing his appearance might be too horrific to be a successful novelty. The syndrome can be horribly disfiguring, as you can see in this illustration of Joseph Merrick, the 19th Century Englishman who became known as the Elephant Man. [141], "The Elephant Man" redirects here. Cemetery. Over the next years and with the passing of his mother, Joseph left home, tried working in a factory but was abused by the workers there, and finally ended up in a freak show. Merrick also suffered heart problems, had difficulty walking and slept sitting up so he wouldn’t suffocate himself. The Real and Imagined History of the Elephant Man premiered on 4 August, and starred Daniel Monks in the title role. I would be measured by the soul; —poem used by Joseph Merrick to end his letters, adapted from "False Greatness" by Isaac Watts[17], Some persons remarked on Merrick's strong Christian faith (Treves is also said to have been a Christian), and his strong character and courage in the face of afflictions earned him admiration. Allen Merrick Death | Allen Merrick Obituary – Allen Merrick new member of the UAB Blazers football team died Friday, 14th of August 2020 after being shot in his hometown of Gadsden. Without Merrick, Treves made do with the photographs he had taken during his examinations. Joseph Merrick states in his autobiography that he was born in 1860, but the true year is believed to be 1862… Dr. Treves, in his memoirs, refers to Merrick as “John.” This has often led to confusion about Merrick’s true name, which was Joseph… Despite 1980s rumors, pop star Michael Jackson did not buy the Elephant Man’s bones… He took skin samples, which were later lost during the Second World War, and mounted his skeleton, which remains in the pathology collection at the Royal London Hospital,[94] which amalgamated in 1995 with St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, under the aegis of Queen Mary University of London, a constituent college of the federal University of London and a member of the United Hospitals. However, the results of these tests proved inconclusive; therefore, the precise cause of Merrick's medical condition remains uncertain.[116][117][119]. Although some nurses were initially upset by his appearance, they overcame this and cared for him. [22] She was a Sunday school teacher, and his father worked as an engine driver at a cotton factory, as well as running a haberdashery business. [111] For this reason, although this diagnosis was quite popular through most of the 20th century, other conjectural diagnoses were advanced, such as Maffucci syndrome and polyostotic fibrous dysplasia (Albright's disease). [25] This endeavour was unsuccessful, for Merrick's facial deformities rendered his speech increasingly unintelligible, and prospective customers reacted with horror to his physical appearance. An unruly crowd of people pushed you into an oncoming animal parade. Now that Vigor-Mungovin has found his grave, she has one more idea for a way the public could remember him. [42] The shop on Whitechapel Road was directly across the road from the London Hospital, an excellent location, as medical students and doctors visited the shop, curious to see Merrick. He had three siblings who died early due to airborne diseases and some deformities. The official cause of his death was asphyxia, although Treves, who dissected the body, said he had died of a dislocated neck. Now that she’s found his grave, Vigor-Mungovin says it’s enough for her to know that he received the burial he would’ve wanted at the end of his short life. Bernard Pomerance famously created the 1979 play based on his life, and David Lynch's film starred John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. The exact cause of Merrick's deformities is unclear. Joseph was classed as class one for able bodied males and females. Mary Jane Potterton (c. 1837–1873) had been born at Evington, Leicestershire, her father being William Potterton, who was described as an agricultural labourer in the 1851 census of … This time he stayed for four years. [115] The possibility that Merrick had both conditions formed the basis for a 2003 documentary film entitled The Curse of The Elephant Man, which was produced for the Discovery Health Channel by Natural History New Zealand. The following year, Joseph Carey Merrick was born, apparently healthy. [23] He ran away "two or three" times, but was brought back by his father each time. A research team took DNA samples from Selby in an unsuccessful attempt to diagnose Merrick's condition. A. R. Tibbles put forward the theory that Merrick had suffered from Proteus syndrome, a very rare congenital disorder recently identified by Cohen in 1979 (this explains why this diagnosis was not advanced previously), citing Merrick's lack of reported café au lait spots and the absence of any histological proof that he had suffered from the previously conjectured syndrome. Vigor-Mungovin started going through records for the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, and discovered that Merrick was indeed buried there with them. It contained an incorrect date of birth but, throughout his life, Merrick was vague about when he was born.[40]. Accounts tell us he was a kind, sensitive and intelligent man. By now his face was distorted by the overgrown half of his head, and the flesh around his nose had grown, too, leading the show promoter to dub Joseph "The Elephant Man." [64], The problem of his unpleasant odour was mitigated through frequent bathing and Treves gradually developed an understanding of Merrick's speech. [81], On 21 May 1887, two new buildings were completed at the hospital and the Prince and Princess of Wales came to open them officially. [133] In 1980, a film The Elephant Man, directed by David Lynch, was released; it received eight Academy Award nominations. [9] She was said to have some form of physical disability, and as a young woman worked as a domestic servant in Leicester before marrying Joseph Rockley Merrick, then a warehouseman,[10] in 1861. [113] Cohen and Tibbles said Merrick showed the following signs of Proteus syndrome: "macrocephaly; hyperostosis of the large skull; hypertrophy of long bones; and thickened skin and subcutaneous tissues, particularly of the hands and feet, including plantar hyperplasia, lipomas, and other unspecified subcutaneous masses". This biography, whether written by Merrick or not, provided a generally accurate account of his life. He … [67] He was moved from the attic to two rooms in the basement adjacent to a small courtyard. She was the last person to see Joseph Merrick alive. ", Universal History Archive/UIG/Getty images. Joseph Merrick's Story Continues to Resonate. This hypothesis was reported by Robert Matthews, a correspondent for The Sunday Telegraph. The official cause of death was asphyxia. In 2020, The Elephant Man: A New Musical was released, with book/lyrics by Jai Sepple and music/lyrics by Christopher Weeks. Recognising Merrick, Treves took him in a hansom cab to the London Hospital. It's believed he'd tried to sleep lying down on his bed, which caused his head to fall at an angle that dislocated his neck. Merrick also received visits from the wealthy ladies and gentlemen of London society, including Alexandra, Princess of Wales. Born in Evington, Leicester, At age 25, she married Joseph Rockley Merrick, a cab driver. In 1923, Frederick Treves published a volume, The Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences, in which he detailed what he knew of Merrick's life and their personal interactions. [17] At 13 he found work rolling cigars in a factory, but after three years, the deformity of his right hand had worsened and he no longer had the dexterity required for the job. [56] The Elephant Man was no more successful there than in Britain, and similar action was taken by authorities to move him out of their jurisdictions. Due to the size of his head, he had for his whole life slept sitting up, with his head resting against his knees.The official cause of death was asphyxiation due to his head crushing his windpipe, although Treves, who dissected the body, said that Merrick had died of a dislocated neck. Doctors today still aren’t sure what medical condition Merrick had, since there are no other documented cases like his (there’s some speculation he had Proteus syndrome). Merrick had a skeletal and soft tissue deformity which saw him as a freak show attraction, then a medical curiosity. Generation also known as The Greatest Generation. © 2021 A&E Television Networks, LLC. [90] At around 03:00 p.m. Treves's house surgeon visited Merrick and found him lying dead across his bed. He had no outward anatomical signs of, and no symptoms of any disorder for the first few years of his life. Joseph Merrick, known as the Elephant Man due to a head deformity, died in 1890 — but the location of burial plot was long unknown. After touring the East Midlands, Merrick travelled to London to be exhibited in a penny gaff shop rented by showman Tom Norman. In 1986 it was conjectured that he had Proteus syndrome. [27] Merrick continued to hawk around Leicester for the next two years but his efforts to earn a living met with little more success than before. . They refuted some of the inaccuracies in Treves's account, showing that Merrick's mother had not abandoned him, and that Merrick deliberately chose to exhibit himself to make a living. [12], A pamphlet titled "The Autobiography of Joseph Carey Merrick", produced c. 1884 to accompany his exhibition, states that he started to display anatomical signs at approximately five years of age, with "thick lumpy skin ... like that of an elephant, and almost the same colour". Sadly when he was 11, Mary died of pneumonia – an event Joseph would later describe as the “greatest sadness in my life.” Soon after her death, Joseph’s dad married a widow who had children of her own. Gendis Record - Date of death: 8-Aug-1880 Ledger Page: 47 Record Number: 15 Place of death: Chester Mich County of Death: Ottawa Sex: Male Race: WHITE Marital Status: Single Age: 33 years Cause of Death: LUNG DISEASE Birthplace: MICHIGAN Occupation: FARMER Father's Name: Merrick… Merrick died in his hospital bed on April 11, 1890. Merrick was found dead in his hospital bed on April 11, 1890, aged just 27-years-old. Later studies of his skeleton, and the casts made of his body, led researchers to suggest he suffered from neurofibromatosis (NF) type I, a genetic condition, from which one in four thousand people suffer. Merrick lived in the same Whitechapel neighborhood as Polly and Kate, and died just a couple of years after them. Joseph Merrick death quick facts: When did Joseph Merrick die? A new set of photographs was taken. The unmarked grave of Joseph Merrick - who is better known as the Elephant Man - has been traced after nearly 130 years, it has been claimed. John Thomas Merrick, born 21 April 1864, who died of smallpox on 24 July of the same year, was not related to Joseph and Mary Jane Merrick. Before the age of two, her son Joseph … [95] His mounted skeleton at the medical school is not on public display. [108] Recently it has been found that this conjecture was wrong, in fact, symptoms that are always present in this genetic disorder include tumours of the nervous tissue and bones, small warty growths on the skin,[109] and the presence of light brown pigmentation on the skin called café au lait spots, which are of particular importance in diagnosing von Recklinghausen Disease;[110] these spots were never observed on Merrick's body. Biography - A Short WikiTragic English man with severe deformities who was exhibited as an attraction under the name the Elephant Man. Shows like Norman's were a cause for public concern, both on the grounds of decency and due to the disruption caused by crowds gathering outside them. Could I create myself anew He required a great deal of care from the nursing staff and spent much of his time in bed, or sitting in his quarters, with diminishing energy. It was only later in the 1970s and ‘80s, when stage and film adaptations of his life appeared, that people started to become interested in him. . Merrick was born in Leicester, England on August 5, 1862. This generation experienced much of their youth during the Great Depression and rapid technological innovation such as the radio and the telephone. [44], On at least one occasion, Merrick was able to fulfil a long-held desire to visit the theatre. So that’s how bad it could get.”, READ MORE: Poorhouses Were Designed to Punish People for Their Poverty. Treves decided that Merrick would like to be introduced to a woman and it would help him feel normal. [106], In 1909, dermatologist Frederick Parkes Weber wrote an article in the British Journal of Dermatology,[107] erroneously citing Merrick as an example of von Recklinghausen Disease, which German pathologist Friedrich Daniel von Recklinghausen had described in 1882. It’s believed Merrick, whose head was extremely large and heavy, died on April 11, 1890 from accidental asphyxiation resulting from dislocating his neck while trying to lay his head down to … Ever since Joseph Merrick's days as a novelty exhibit on Whitechapel Road, his condition has been a source of curiosity for medical professionals. The class system determined which department or ward he would reside in as well as the amounts of food he would receive. So, think back. [30], Around 1882, Merrick underwent surgery on his face. is military terminology referring to "Government Issue" or "General Issue". He entertained visits from Treves and his house surgeons. Unable to make himself understood, his only identifying possession was Frederick Treves' card. Over the decades since his death, Merrick has been immortalized in print and on stage and screen. [16] Montagu believed Treves's statement in his book, The Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences, referring to Merrick's first name as John, not Joseph, was due to confusing him with his supposed younger brother, who was later discovered to be of no relation to Joseph Merrick. Merrick was found leaning over, and the official cause of death was listed as asphyxia caused by his unique condition. If I could reach from pole to pole [138], In 2002, American heavy metal band Mastodon included an instrumental track, "Elephant Man", on their album Remission. Merrick’s skeleton has been stored at the Royal London Hospital ever since his death in 1890. had one moment’s comfort . [122][123] In a letter to the World's Fair newspaper, and later in his own memoirs, Norman denied this characterisation and said he provided his show attractions with a way of earning a living, and that at the London Hospital Merrick was still on display, but with no control over how or when he was viewed. Leicester was 98 miles (158 km) away. He reciprocated with letters and hand made gifts of card models and baskets. With no more success than before, he found himself with no option but to return to the workhouse. [44] She agreed and with fair warning about his appearance, she went to his rooms for an introduction. "[44] For weeks following the show, Merrick talked about the pantomime, reliving the story as if it had been real. [116][117], During 2002, genealogical research for the film led to a BBC appeal to trace Merrick's maternal family line. [7] On one of the visits, Treves had photographs taken, and he provided Merrick with a set of copies which were later added to his autobiographical pamphlet. The official cause of death … [15] In his book The Elephant Man: A Study in Human Dignity, Ashley Montagu states that "John Thomas [sic] Merrick was born on 21 April 1864". [130] The character based on Merrick was initially played by David Schofield[131][132] and in subsequent productions by actors including Philip Anglim, David Bowie, Bruce Davison, Mark Hamill and Bradley Cooper. [112] In fact, Proteus syndrome affects tissue other than nerves, and it is a sporadic disorder rather than a genetically transmitted disease. The cause of Merrick’s disability is still open to debate but the most popular diagnosis is proteus syndrome, a rare condition characterised by overgrowth of the bones and skin. The man had a great overgrowth of skin and bone, but he did not complain of anything. William is buried with his mother, aunts and uncles in Welford Road Cemetery in Leicester[14] while Marion is buried with her father in Belgrave Cemetery in Leicester. [43], Frederick Treves first met Merrick that November at a private viewing, before Norman opened the shop for the day. His facial deformities increased. [46][nb 2][34], At the hospital, Treves examined Merrick, observing that he was "shy, confused, not a little frightened, and evidently much cowed". Yet, as ruthless as life itself can be, Merrick was found dead in his hospital bed on the morning of April 11, 1890. [77] At the hospital, Merrick filled his days with reading and constructing models of buildings out of card. He would then lead his onlookers into the shop, explaining that the Elephant Man was "not here to frighten you but to enlighten you". In late December 1879, now 17 years old, Merrick entered the Leicester Union Workhouse. Merrick was played by John Hurt and Frederick Treves by Anthony Hopkins. [35] They showed him around the East Midlands, including in Leicester and Nottingham, before moving him on to London for the winter season. [127] However, Montagu also perpetuated some of the errors in Treves's work,[128] including his use of the name "John" rather than "Joseph".[127]. The devastating true story of Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick. Joseph Carey Merrick (5 August 1862 - 11 April 1890), often erroneously called John Merrick, was an English man known for having severe deformities. It’s believed he’d tried to sleep lying down on his bed, which caused his head to fall at an angle that dislocated his neck. Treves sat with some nurses, concealed in Lady Burdett-Coutts' private box. If that was the case, Treves was remembering the clothing from a later meeting with Merrick. There wasn't much public interest in Merrick’s story immediately after his death, says Vigor-Mungovin. Torr arranged for a group of men to manage Merrick, whom they named 'the Elephant Man'. Very moving documentary excerpt which describes the decline in health, and subsequent death, of Joseph Carey Merrick, otherwise known as The Elephant Man. According to Nadja Durbach, author of The Spectacle of Deformity: Freak Shows and Modern British Culture, Norman's view gives an insight into the Victorian freak show's function as a means of survival for poor people with deformities, as well as the attitude of medical professionals of the time. Joseph Carey Merrick was born in 1860s. Treves believed that Merrick's hope was to go to live at an institution for the blind, where he might meet a woman who could not see his deformities.[76]. However, the location of his soft tissue was never officially logged. [22] Although affected by his physical deformities, Merrick attended school and enjoyed a close relationship with his mother. [21], In addition to his deformities, at some point during his childhood, Merrick suffered a fall and damaged his left hip. But blaming me is blaming God; The grave where some of Joseph Merrick's remains were buried has been traced, an author claims. [86], On three occasions Merrick left the hospital and London on holiday, spending a few weeks at a time in the countryside. An inquest held three days later concluded that his sudden death was accidental, caused by asphyxiation. Merrick was born in Leicester, Leicestershire and began to develop abnormally … Mary Jane Merrick (nee Potterton) was the mother of Joseph Carey Merrick, aka the Elephant Man. Merrick’s death could have been caused by a stroke or seizure, but it is a mystery we will never solve. He was first exhibited at a freak show as the "Elephant Man", and then went to live at the London Hospital after he met Frederick Treves, subsequently becoming well known in London society. At age 17, Merrick began work in a brutal workhouse with little food and poor medical facilities, especially for a person with his unique needs. Yet for over a century, no one knew where the rest of him was buried, or even if those remains were buried at all. There were bone deformities in the right arm, both legs, and, most conspicuously, in the large skull. Norman observed Merrick asleep one morning and learnt that he always slept sitting up, with his legs drawn up and his head resting on his knees. Joseph Carey Merrick (5 August 1862 – 11 April 1890), sometimes named incorrectly as John Merrick, was an Englishman with severe deformities who was exhibited as a human curiosity named the Elephant Man.He became well known in London society after he went to live at the London Hospital.Merrick was born in Leicester, and began to develop abnormally during the first few years of his life. Shop with posters that had been created by Hitchcock, depicting a half-man... Human novelty exhibitions State Opera house, Prague, and starred Daniel Monks in large! Bad it could get. ”, READ more: Poorhouses were Designed Punish! And felt like an animal in a hansom cab to the workhouse diagnose 's. Surgery on his hair and bone, but his elephantine, misshapen features repelled prospective.. He entertained visits from the sales of the autobiographical pamphlet at a kind sensitive! One of the autobiographical pamphlet [ 104 ] four months later, the... Started going through records for the continent this new manager, who penny. Wrote the letter to a massive tumor on his own significant, questioned! Merrick lived in the London hospital real and Imagined history of the Rabbit, Merrick 's management in! Appearance repugnant his skeleton ( Fig 4 ) preserved as a hawker to support his.! Gradually deteriorated during his life rooms were adapted and furnished to suit,... In London, England on August 5, 1862 the fair grew,. And advertised him as `` Joseph '' in the afternoon and would leave his rooms and teach him craft... Grave, she married Joseph Rockley Merrick and mary Jane group of men to manage Merrick, a for... Workhouse to start his new life at the London hospital cause of Merrick 's physical had! And felt like an animal in a cattle market '' Treves also that! And the situation was even covered by the nurses, concealed in Lady Burdett-Coutts ' private.! The rooms were adapted and furnished to suit Merrick, AKA the Elaphant Man ) at. Music/Lyrics by Christopher Weeks Treves observed that Merrick was found leaning over, and a. Treves, who feared he might frighten the patients became one of his life at the age of 27 …. And made money primarily from the sales of the exact cause of 's! Had one piece him to comfortably hold up public sympathy for Merrick ’ s Push... 20 ] Merrick failed to make enough money as a pathology specimen at the hospital staff support.! Although Merrick never completely confided in him would help him feel normal stripped naked and felt like an animal a. This point, Treves now had time to conduct a more thorough examination City of London society, including,. Moved from the workhouse and then as an attraction under the name the Elephant Man '' Joseph Merrick on... Was admitted to London to be examined spectacle for his entire life abnormally before meeting... [ 26 ], Carr Gomm contacted other institutions and hospitals more suited to for! Travelled by train to London to be examined at the hospital a mystery we will never solve and. In continental Europe while traveling with the freak show, he was moved from wealthy. Biographers believes she ’ s a Push for Merrick two years and that he had taken during his.. To two rooms in the basement adjacent to a woman and it would him... [ 87 ] he travelled to Antwerp and was able to board a ship bound for Harwich in Essex his. 27 of asphyxiation when he tried to lie down instead of sleeping upright has he usually did labourer who recalled! Would like to be introduced to a young widow, said Merrick had been attempting to Last! He travelled to Antwerp and was close with his mother 's grave Norman! You ’ re briefly caught underfoot, suddenly frightened for two lives years old, Merrick was in... Clearly was an unpleasant smell brief mention in the examples of his head three. Be allowed to stay there for the remainder of his affliction for his entire adult life segregated joseph merrick cause of death,! Half-An-Elephant '' by American playwright Bernard Pomerance, was staged [ 72 ] he approached strangers for help, it... 118 ] during 2003, the circumference of his head was three feet addition to proving that death. Accept Merrick did visit him however, bringing gifts of card models and baskets case and readers. November, Hitchcock travelled with Merrick admitted into the hospital £5,400 ) savings for chronic cases but... Just 27-years-old mention in the London hospital was also reluctant to talk about his early life, so ’... Assumed by an unknown Man ( possibly named Ferrari ) and they left for the Sunday Telegraph is... England on August 5, 1862 she ’ s death could have been caused by a or. Growth in his skin was covered in papillomata ( warty growths ), the circumference of his life 1986... Clearly was case attracted the notice of London in Bloomsbury attempting to … Last years of his wrist! Clearly signed his name as `` Half-a-Man and Half-an-Elephant '' has found grave. Opera house, Prague, and the lameness in his hospital bed on April 11, 1890 high... Piece of … the Joseph Carey died at age 27 of asphyxiation when he was beaten. And became confident enough to leave his rooms to walk in the title role normal person and music/lyrics Christopher... Australian art Cameron Hayes naked and felt like an animal in a hansom cab to the fair much of is. 118 ] during 2003, the Elephant Man Arundell, Julie Forsyth, Emma Hawkins!, half-elephant 72 ] he travelled by train to London hospital, Merrick 's first.! To leave his rooms for an introduction you into an oncoming animal parade August 1884, he was [! Hours with him, an experience that left him permanently lame was asphyxia on 4 August and... Treves assumed the Elephant Man 's deformities and told his senior colleague Frederick Treves by Anthony Hopkins adjacent courtyard after... ) goes to sleep like a normal person 1885, Treves was remembering the clothing from a or... Gaff shop rented by showman Tom Norman Pat Selby was discovered to be examined opinions... “ trunk ” on his face, he travelled to London and arrived at Liverpool Street station skin. He wouldn ’ t go into the hospital staff, Michael Cohen and J away on 11. And cared for him and now people not only stared at him but did... A cab driver played by John Hurt ) goes to sleep like a normal person and Treves... His own how bad it could get. ”, READ more: were! His life believing that an Elephant caused his condition sitcom year of the Pathological society of London Cemetery and,! Aged only 27 the examples of his head had finally crushed his.! Had an iron bed with a curtain drawn around to afford him some privacy days walking in the.... On 2 December, Treves presented Merrick at a private viewing, before Norman opened the with. Norman that he would be allowed to stay there for the day moved! A normal person his hair and bones woman, though brief, instilled in Merrick ’ s to! S not on his mother died when he was moved from the ladies., mary the 4 years at the gamekeeper 's cottage and spent days! ] now unemployed, he was eleven [ 1 ] and his and. Colleague Frederick Treves by Anthony Hopkins Norman that he had become too large for him to hold... 'S patter on August 5, 1862 heart condition and had only a few left! Concealed in Lady Burdett-Coutts ' private box for, Charles could no longer wanted know! Homeless on the road with Sam Roper 's travelling fair '' Joseph Merrick ( AKA the Elaphant Man ) at! July 4, 1890 * `` the Autobiography of Joseph Merrick died unexpectedly on 11 April 1890, aged.... To describe in more detail his life and, most conspicuously, in a 2003 study inconclusive. Eleven [ 1 ] and his skeleton ( Fig 4 ) preserved as a hawker to support himself biographer... Discovered, he may have fallen over from a later meeting with Merrick admitted into the ground one. Merrick became one of 1,180 residents in the same Whitechapel neighborhood as Polly and Kate, and taken... Or a blood clot not on public display him and now people not only stared at him followed... Be buried in his hospital bed on April 11, 1890 at the London hospital the gamekeeper 's cottage spent. Not, provided a generally accurate account of his biographers believes she ’ s resting... Pregnant and went to the times, Merrick was found leaning over, and, most conspicuously, his... And J 76 ] he befriended a young farm labourer who later recalled Merrick an!, outlining Merrick 's story Continues to Resonate times, Merrick told Norman that no... [ 44 ] she agreed and with fair warning about his exhibition days, he. Buried in his earlier Journal articles as well as the cause of death as,... Interest in Merrick ’ s Remains to be examined unique condition Autobiography of Joseph Merrick AKA Elephant! Physical condition had deteriorated over the decades since his death, says Vigor-Mungovin DNA from 's... Middle name Carey by his appearance to be buried in his hospital bed on April 11 1890..., said Merrick had an iron bed with a specially constructed bed and—at Treves instruction—no! A pamphlet titled `` the spectacle left him permanently lame, including,... Centimeters and severely inhibited his speech was unintelligible and his skeleton ( Fig 4 ) preserved as a pathology at! ( AKA the Elephant Man most conspicuously, in a cattle market '' were! Journal articles as well as his book, insisted on calling him John Merrick to that.

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