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C7Red Theme for Wordpress

Cybercrat Systems

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C7Red Theme for Wordpress

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C7Red logo

The C7Red theme, designed by Cybercrat Systems, is a free theme extension for the wordpress community.

It features an eye-catching red and white combination.

One of the most interesting features of C7Red Theme is the use of jQuery tabs to display the titles of the posts. In its default setup C7Red theme is set to display the detailed posts. Different homepage settings can be made through the administrator, to showcase only latest and featured post titles in tabs.

The theme is compatible with wordpress version 2.9 or higher.

Site Interface

This theme allows you to include widgets in one or two sidebar areas. The right sidebar showcases widgets in the accordion style. The middle sidebar provides space for additional widgets, advertisements or images.

Site Features                                                                                            

  • Dynamic header.homepagescreen-shot
  • jQuery tabs to display post titles in homepage
  • Accordion-style widgetized right sidebar
  • Display recent comments in the homepage
  • Footer to display customized reader icon, email icon, twitter icon, search box, and to show copy right content

Find live screenshots of site here C7Red Screens

Admin Options Page

C7Red comes with a theme options page in the Administrator. These options help the user to alter the appearance of the site.

Administrator Features

  • Options to enter path of image to display in the dynamic header for custom logo 
  • Options to display recent comments in the home page
  • Settings to show drop down menu upto  the third level
  • Home page settings for side bar and jQuery tabs
  • Options to choose widget that needs to be kept open in the accordion-style right sidebar
  • Footer settings options

Check out for the available features, options and screen shots here

To download the theme, visit the Downloads page.