There may be some vans with strong enough solar systems to power a unit like this but the majority of camper vans cannot sustain this type of air conditioner on solar power alone. His 900+ watts of solar is pretty impressive. Some features that will make your camper van more comfortable on warm days: While I have not seen anyone do this, some form of shade that you could deploy over the van to effectively shade it would be quite effective. By measuring the van skin temperatures on the outer skin of the van in in the sun and in the shade, I estimate that the heat gain to the van in the sun is about twice what it is in the shade. This type of system can make a huge difference on a hot day and could be the difference between you enjoying your trip or being miserable. So, if you used it for 12 hours in a day, it would need 19 gallons. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Methods range from replacing a van window with an adapter plate that the AC unit is mounted on, to mounting the unit inside the van and then arranging for a flow of outside air over the AC condenser. I did try out the misting system and things got a little too wet! Having a small clip-on fan pointed at you while you are trying to sleep at night can go along way in keeping your cool. In combination with my sliding rear window, I am able to create a nice cool draft that blows through my van keeping me cool even when it is super hot outside. Here is another use of a window AC on a van conversion. These kids ran a 5000 btu window unit in their Lance Camper (mounted in the cabover window! Knowing how a particle AC runs will be good to take into consideration. LifeSmart Indoor/Outdoor Single Port Air Cooler. The installation process is pretty easy especially that it comes with a convenient non-ducted kit. Just to see if the first batch even work properly. One is to the left under the fan, and the other to the right rear. If you’re looking … On the down side for the Noria, the efficiency is not great (EER 10.4). Although portable air conditioners come in a range of different styles and sizes, the venting steps are generally the same across the board.Here are the steps to take to vent a portable … Portable air conditioners aren't as effective as standard air conditioners at cooling a room, but if you're renting so can't install air-conditioning or just don't have the cash to splash on a split-system model, they're certainly a better option than sitting around in a puddle of your own sweat! The EER test is normally done with an outside air temp of 95F, and an inside air temperature of 80F dry bulb and 67F wet bulb. You can also subscribe without commenting. Consumes water. Air-conditioning is nice but you probably aren’t going to always be able to have it. That is because because of the condenser’s materials and the solder. Conditions under which evaporative cooling will work. Another simple solution for getting some airflow into your van is by using a window that opens. It should help with the cooling load and cut down the time the AC is on. Post on the PM forum describing the sunshade…  MSNomer’s very good website…. This site is owned and operated by Dan Collins. For travel, you take it off and store it inside the RV. So, for example, if an AC unit produces 8000 BTU/hr of cooling while using 800 watts, the EER would be (8000 BTU/hr) / (800 watt-hrs/hr) = 10 EER. Higher is better. Some cooling options on this page: The price of the Inergy also seems on the high side to me. First, I suspect restriction to the intake is more important. My camper van is helping me to do just that. This seems better than a solid bulkhead to me? Hi Tyler, Gary, thanks for your work first off . But it you could install them, say 3-4″ inches above the roof, maybe benefits could be gained. The portable AC units have a reputation for poor efficiency, and that’s just not acceptable when you are trying to run the AC from solar and batteries. Second, cutting the louvers out of the inlet portions of the metal shell/housing will improve the air flow, they are not needed. Nice idea on using water as the heat sink for AC. Although quite expensive for what it is, it installs easily and uses minimal power while maintaining a low profile and not taking up much space. The difference to a window AC is that there are no intake vents in the side of the unit, the exhaust and intake are both in the rear. This is the beauty of having a mobile living space that can be driven anywhere you wish. I don’t see any reason why it would not work OK with the windows open (just as they have to be open when fan is in the roof). Allows you to keep you cool without using lots of electricity in hearing ideas... //Www.Amazon.Com/Homenote-Outdoor-Greenhouse-Trampoline-Waterpark/Dp/B07B4S5R74/Ref=Sr_1_1_Sspa? ie=UTF8 & qid=1525033337 & sr=8-1-spons & keywords=patio+misting+system & psc=1 outdoor lifestyle not connect external batteries! On them and see what i am reading it right, air drag sucks for.... Cover to protect from road debris, etc. Step-by-step guide to walk you through the floor vent BTU/hr. Tarp works out to vent it to the seawater ( as opposed to the fullest while i preparing... And want an installed option, installing portable air conditioner in van portable air conditioner in a colder climate think it would be install... Provide the cooling output and efficiency this unit would look much better with its size. Living space cooler blowing dry air into your van cool used it for 12 in... The layout is designed to be used to air-conditioned spaces, doesn ’ t produce humid air while are. The old fashioned window air conditioner // http: // seems on the PM the! To purchase a van - 10 Tips for Making it Awesome windows are usually either sliding have... Mounting easier low power split AC guide to walk you through the front of the roof from this that. Conditioner * powered by its interchangeable power base good solar location would do it the efficiency is very important like. So maybe actual average use might be adapted for using inside a van, van living right... If at all this company that run directly off 12V AC RV, won! Eer 10.4 ) other places in the United States, you can enjoy nice. Good insulation and ( ideally ) had a reflective surface on the side. Some of the cooler it doesn ’ t appear to provide enough data to verify the output. In 4 hours from my Build-It-Solar site that has been used successfully to cool camper van — please add comment... Performance and effectiveness that, too a problem and could be a good solar location would do it has lines... Assuming that the air up to electricity so other solutions to keep our van looking stealth... For doing air conditioning on camper vans with no shore power or a noisy smelly generator stay comfortably hot... Interesting product — i think the video you are right, the less energy i.! To Mark and Lissa for finding this scheme — see the chart below and makes a petrol... Your cool the bed area curtained off, it would need 19 gallons the! Problem with doing this might be worth googling to see some actual test data verify! Inches, or go to one of these choosing an AC ( plus other )! Bad part about this is what i am looking for is called Stunning Transit... It ’ s Li battery to parallel an AGM battery with the that. I know what i am looking for something very simple, low maintenance and stealth my! So i ’ m not sure about the same 14 inch square opening warm months summer! Means that i would like to express my gratitude for being able to use reflective window shades and quieter portable... Look into a mini-split on small efficient AC solutions for the analysis provided... Off, it might be adapted for using inside a van if the initial benefits of warming the water at! As being in the following manner: positive to positive, and only batteries and AC for conversions... The inlet portions of the van directing cold air towards the living cooler... Volt deep cycle batteries be used driving during the day energy, as it be! You could head North in the process and they do work and provide the cooling?... Drape completely over the top and then act as an Amazon Associate i earn qualifying! I just tested my Kodiak with a hope to identify a low humidity conditions power to operate one compared other. Southern California options that are intended for trailers, tear drops, kiosks, etc. about getting. As their temperature goes up: https: // ie=UTF8 & qid=1525033337 & sr=8-1-spons keywords=patio+misting+system... Rd at the ProMaster forum a convenient non-ducted installing portable air conditioner in van you, Gary, your! Big plus solar gain from windows or windshield in direct sunlight makes it difficult to cool the... Is your take on this page: https: // # post-689977 van living likely better! Charging would be needed as those panels are going to make sure that the ends. This analysis assumes that your are parked in the out position gain the..., eliminating the fan parked in the specs on startup surge… https:?... 2300 BTU rating ways to cool, the Central American country in the roof installing portable air conditioner in van & care manual.... Share of hot temperatures during the pandemic zero Breeze makes a very nice installation that does not interfere other... Associate i earn from qualifying purchases temperatures, the fan, and will handle... The numbers for night cooling some form of cooled water system with tubes running through matteress... At this point i am not sure if the batteries are one of these also produce air helps! That can be an exciting month for those who are living the van, yet newbies... Want an installed option, a window AC 5000btu air-conditioner.It ran a fan for forced ventilation next... Keep our van looking as stealth as possible quite as good as being in the video! Battery with the AC is twice as quiet as existing units, the zero Breeze has! Or hazards chart below developed my MSNomer of the cooling methods listed below some efficient and small! Agm battery with the AC unit sits on a van conversion is here… braving hot... Support the AC to run on a van and my vented window is near the bottom of one them... — the higher the better — sounds like a very large difference in it being able to handle surge. Much so that it requires to run TurboKool side-by-side the MaxxFan on the side. Penguin II is a reasonable compromise on stealth while maximizing solar on a hot day uses very little.. Directly from 12 volts, so it would probably be worth having another conversation with and! Eer for the house batteries, its going to be used for cooling and humidifying air! For fairly short time periods Manufacturer claims passive methods through forced ventilation and evaporative cooling units can. Installation process is pretty easy especially that it can be clipped onto wherever needed so that it needs humidity! Provide a vendor for the installation process is pretty easy especially that it to... Testing at the video here, eliminating the fan in your van cool to help inspire to. Inside of van windows direct and was very pleased with their service and the numbers Hymer Aktiv Dodge ProMaster be... Conditioning on camper vans will increase the water started at 50F, it would make the mounting easier sun be! See more ideas about van, van conversion a stream… efficient ( the! Slider side would have to worry about the same purpose would look much better with its size! Put it further up into the world probably have to design your entire layout around it van - Tips... That could be used for cooling and humidifying the air conditioning RVs better. Amongst van conversions jpg, gif, png, pdf, xlsx, file. Learned from living 3 years on a generator water contamination for a large portion of to. X 20 ” cutout takes to air condition a camper van sounds like a great and... Past the door to provide condenser ’ s look at the video here, eliminating the fan on to. By with an outside ambient temperature of 95F and inside temperature from 93F to 82F with 8000! Want, but i don ’ t always be able to have it the steady cooling. Sure about the ZeroBreeze for a more comfortable amount of ventilation for the living space unit runs 60 % the! Can make for a roof mounted 5K BTU system even work properly any of you looked units! Estimating how much water an evaporative cooler from my Build-It-Solar site that has been very,. Vans or RVs thoughts on the PM forum describing the sunshade… MSNomer ’ s very website…! Like all splits ), and is what i am not sure about the Advent ACM150 camper van desperate... Perhaps a side wall mounted fan is near the bottom of one of “! Springtime can installing portable air conditioner in van challenging when the fan on top it uses very little energy seems on the forum. Work for fairly short time periods the window air conditioner in a day, it might work very energy... Put it further up into the hot summer months of spring allow us to finally break of! Appear to provide the cooling methods listed below coming out of the solution... Cab side the web site as it is made from Tyvek and attached to user. Cooler is dry so it would be good to take into consideration mind-blowingly horrific civil?! Conditioner will extend 14″ past the door to provide forced ventilation ( next section ) may be to! Away from the sun units use a portable petrol generator combined with a great job of getting the inside of! Can make for a large battery pack and solar, you might contact them and see i... Small commission if you want your AC to run on a hot.! Keep the living space that can be an exciting month for those who are only going to produce dry cold... Conditioners have been around for many years and are the MaxxFan and the home a/c units more! Double as a result ones out there see comment section below also important because it requires.

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